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Yes, we can offer an event table set up service. Cost for this service will be quoted on your specific event requirements, we are also able to provide you with a list of our preferred event planners and stylists.   

Do we offer a set up service?



We understand that initially advised event numbers are often subject to change, but we require your final determined numbers to us at least 14 days prior to your event. Please be mindful of our potential limitation on our ability at late notice to increase product quantity, as this depends on that days product stock availability because of potential other bookings on the same date. 

Can you change your booking?

Once you have received your Tax Invoice your preferred items will be placed on hold for one week (7 days). However if you fail to pay the deposit payment by the due date shown on the Tax Invoice, the items listed on your invoice will be released back in to our system for rental.  Products can not be held for any other reason.

Can items be placed on hold?

In the unfortunate event that an event booking is cancelled by the hirer our full quoted amount less deposit will be refunded if such cancellation is advised at a point in time greater than 14 days prior to your function date. If a cancellation is advised within 14 days of the event, all monies paid are forfeited. For more information please email us.

What happens if you cancel your booking?

Final payment must be made to The Event Merchant Company a minimum of 14 days prior to the event date.  

When is your final payment due?

Please note that a non-refundable 30% deposit is required to secure your booking and this payment must be received by The Event Merchant Company within 7 days of the date of the invoice. If the deposit is not received within 7 days of the invoice date then the reserved items will no longer be held in the Hirers favour. 

Is your deposit refundable?

Once your quote is accepted, we will issue you with a tax invoice. To secure your booking a 30% deposit is required within 7 days of the tax invoice issue date. If the deposit is not received within 7 days of the invoice date then the reserved items will no longer be held for your booking. All deposit payments are to be made via bank transfer. Our banking details are provided on the tax invoice. 

How do you pay for your booking?



All quotes are valid for 7 days from the date the quote is issued. If you would like to proceed with your quote please advise us within 7 days of the quote date and we will issue an invoice with deposit payment information. 

How long is a quote valid?

Of course! Once you’ve taken a look through our collection of charger plates, glassware, cutlery and small details- get in touch! Send us your colour palette, Pinterest inspiration or some words that capture the feeling of your event and we will collate a variety of options for you. Check our Services page for more information.

Can we help choose items if you're unsure?

We recommend that you enquire at least 6 months in advance for cutlery, charger plates, glassware and other table decor due to their popularity. We will always attempt to accommodate last minute bookings however, we can not guarantee your first preference of products.

How far in advance should you book?

Once you have selected your chosen items, note their names and make contact with us via our contact form or email us directly at with a list of your preferred items, quantity required of each product, event date and event venue. We will confirm the product availability and provide you with a quote via email. Once this quote is accepted a 30% deposit is required to secure your booking.

How do I place an enquiry/ order?



As some of our products are gold plated please advise the event venue to be extra gentle when washing the plates and to not use an abrasive cleaning scourer. Only wash with a sponge as this prevents unnecessary scratches. Gold rimmed plates and glassware are to be washed only by hand and not in a dishwasher. Please scrape and rinse plates free of any food, plates should be packaged dry. Plates must be returned in the same condition they are received. All cutlery is dishwasher safe, however please handle with care.

How do you care for the rental items?



A minimum processing and handling fee of $100.00 is charged for all bookings and is then charged per piece and subsequently increases based on the size of your order. Given the nature of our products and their obligatory health/hygiene maintenance requirements; all products require a thorough clean after use, even if the event venue has already washed the items. The Processing and Handling fee is non refundable. All products that are gold rimmed must be hand washed only.   

What is the Processing and Handling Fee?

A non-refundable damage waiver is applied to every booking. It is the hirer's responsibility to return all rental items in the same condition in which they were received, except for ordinary wear and tear. The damage waiver is a standard fee in the hiring industry to cover minor damage to the stock. It does not cover loss or negligence resulting in the item having to be replaced or written off. Products that are missing, returned permanently damaged, lost or stolen due to mishandling/negligence or any other misadventure or incident, will incur a reimbursement cost of $10.00 per piece/item by the Hirer to “The Event Merchant Company”. Should the replacement value exceed the damage waiver then the Hirer will be responsible for the reimbursement to us of the entire cost of the damaged and/or non-returned items.   

What is the Damage Waiver?

Rental periods are for 1 standard business day, which is defined as 24 hours. Longer periods are subject to charge unless negotiated prior to booking.

How long is our hire period?



Yes! We are more than happy to accommodate bookings within Victoria. Please be aware that delivery fees are dependent on the location of your event from our Yarra Valley warehouse and also take in to consideration labour charges and travel time. For particular long distance bookings, accommodation overnight may be required and will be charged at the hirers expense. 

Are our items available for hire outside of Melbourne?

Interstate deliveries are dependent on the individual booking, please contact us.

Are our items available for hire interstate?

If your booking is suitable for dry hire and once confirmed we will discuss and arrange a mutually suitable time frame to collect and return the items booked. We understand that collection during working hours may not always be possible. Please raise your pick up queries with us at the time of booking. If your order is being delivered we will arrange a suitable delivery and collection with you or your venue in advance.

Can I pick up and return my booking?

Yes we deliver! Delivery fees are calculated on the distance from our warehouse location in the Yarra Valley to your event and take in to consideration our travel time, distance covered and manual labour charges. Late night pick up after 12am will incur an additional fee.

Do we deliver and what is the cost?

 Yes, only for bookings under $250.00 in rental cost. There are also some larger bookings which may be appropriate for dry hire, however due to the nature of our products dry hire is determined on a case by case basis. For further information and to enquire about your event, please send us an email

Do we offer a dry hire service?



Due to the nature of our business, we are frequently out of the office and unable to answer phone calls. Please send your initial enquiry through our contact form or email us directly at If your matter is urgent please email and advise us of the urgency of your enquiry, leave a phone number and we will endeavour to make contact with you as soon as possible.

How can you contact us?

Currently, we do not have a showroom. All of our hire items are listed online with prices and item details. However, if you are unsure what products will be the right fit for your event please send us a note through our contact form and we will endeavour to provide you with further information.

Do we have a showroom?

We are located in a small pocket of the Yarra Valley, Healesville. 

Where are we located?



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