At Event Merchant Co., we weave magic into the very fabric of your gatherings. With our premium specialty tableware hire, we breathe life into every element of your tablescape, crafting a world of splendor that charms and captivates.

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Meet Annie, the creative force behind Event Merchant Co., with over 25 years of expertise in the retail and hospitality sectors. From charming country pubs to opulent Scottish castle hotels, Annie's journey spans across diverse landscapes, including managing a luxury perfume store in London and contributing to a renowned Australian retail department store in retail buying. This rich tapestry of experiences has not only honed her skills in high-level customer service but also inspired her to curate a unique collection of tableware from her global travels.

The inception of Event Merchant Co. occurred after Annie's own wedding, a profoundly transformative moment that fuelled her passion for creating extraordinary moments. With an unparalleled skill set and a discerning eye for detail, Annie embarked on a mission to share her love for tablescape design. At Event Merchant Co., Annie's seasoned expertise uniquely positions her to understand and cater to the distinct visions of each couple.

Event Merchant Co.’s collection of globally sourced tableware ensures that every event is an individualised expression of love, turning each celebration into an unforgettable masterpiece. Join Annie on this captivating journey where every table becomes a canvas, and joyous moments are etched into the hearts of those who celebrate with Event Merchant Co

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Meet Andrew, the wizard working his magic behind the scenes at Event Merchant Co. With a background in warehousing and logistics, he swooped in to elevate our warehouse and delivery game. Catch him in action delivering to weddings, handling the heavy lifting, and rocking those late-night bump outs. Andrew is the unsung hero making sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine – with a sprinkle of charm and a dash of fun. He's the guy who turns logistics into a dance and transforms the mundane into an adventure. Cheers to the man who makes it all happen with a smile!

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 Our story starts at a bar in Brunswick, with two different 30th birthday parties, a shared cocktail, a three-hour conversation, and an evening that ended with a dinner invitation. One meal led to many more and, two and a half years later, at our home in Melbourne, a carefully arranged rose petal display posed a question – for which the answer was an immediate YES! Giddily, we celebrated our engagement at our favourite local restaurant and were soon busy planning what would be the best day of our lives.

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A day in the life of a tableware hire company founder is a dynamic journey, where no two days are alike. Whether it's delivering elegant settings for a wedding, christening, or a vibrant birthday celebration, the diversity keeps things exciting. One day might see me unloading our delivery van, meticulously sorting cutlery, and ensuring every charger plate shines. The next, I'm immersed in the creative process, brainstorming unique charger plate, cutlery, and glassware options to offer our clients. This creative outlet is one of the best aspects of my job, allowing me to infuse a personal touch into each event we contribute to.

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